Coloring Videos

I don’t get to do standalone illustration pieces too often anymore because I spend most of my time working on comics. With comic panels, the focus is usually focused on the characters and the dialog, so it’s refreshing to do an illustration where I can spend more time on the background and really have an attention to detail. With that in mind, I decided to set aside some time to color this piece in one sitting so I could make a video capturing the process and highlighting some of the smaller details of the piece. The original video is about 4 hours long… but I sped it up quite a bit to upload, because no one wants to see 4 hours of me being indecisive about what color to make a blanket.

I’m working in photoshop. The main tools I use are the pencil tool, the magic wand, the eyedropper, and the paint bucket. In these videos you’ll see me referencing another piece, which is the opposite side of the promotional postcard that I had finished first. Since they’re a pair, I wanted them to have similar colors. I also reference a character sheet for skin and hair colors. I don’t do anything too fancy, but I’m always open to answering questions anyone might have about my process! I know it can be confusing watching someone else work, especially when it’s in a time-lapse video.

If you like any of the songs from the videos, the Soundcloud links are in the video descriptions on Youtube. Thanks to the artists (Mild Wild, CSUS, and Vetash) for letting people use their music for videos!